Why Boys Can Play With Barbie Dolls?

5 Answers on: Should boys play with dolls?
5 Answers on: Should boys play with dolls?

Why Boys Can Play With Barbie Dolls?

Does your boy prefer dolls rather than mini-trucks? What to do in this situation? Are you afraid that your son catches the girlish attitude virus?

1. Do I need to worry about my boy who prefers dolls rather than mini-cars?

Short answer! You don’t have to worry.

Sometimes boys are curious to explore the world from the opposite gender. A boy who plays with a barbie can learn skills of feeding, compassion, and care-taking. 

On the other side, a little boy who disguises himself as a fairy or princess with his sister is a kind of sibling rivalry that creates a positive environment and strengthen the relationship between the brother and his sister.

2. How do I react as a parent if I can’t neglect this situation?

As a family leader, try not to challenge the child, by throwing his dolls and forcing him to play with robots. Trust me! You will make the situation worse. 

If your boy insists on dressing up as a fairy, he has to be informed that it’s not up to him to decide such things.

By making roles at home, you will protect your son from the eyes of others, particularly at school: worried about some classmates bullying your son and calling him a sissy.

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3. What is the role of a parent in a child’s life?

As a parent, it is your role to:

  • Explain the facts of life and the difference between boys and girls. 
  • Limit screen-time and choose the content. 
  • Avoid buying toys every time you shop.
  • Use directed alternatives (Do you want a truck, plane or robot?)
  • Buy puzzles, books and educational games.
  • Ask a specialist for help (Most recommended)
4. Does the child’s attitude have an impact on his future sexual orientation?

Relax! Homosexuality or heterosexuality does not appear until adolescence.

However, many of us seem to think that sexual orientation is the way your boy grows up to become a future adult.

Parents should be concerned about their child’s feeling and find out if they have self-confidence or attachment problems.

Those who believe in freedom of choice are wrong because you must protect your sons from themselves while they are still minors.

5. Should I leave my son plays with dolls? 

My answer is: It depends 🙂

If your son plays with dolls occasionally and behaves normal, so why not. Focus on his personality rather than worrying about his favourite toys 🙂


As a bonus I suggest you this book called Positive Discipline; it will help your children to Develop Self-Discipline, Responsibility, Cooperation, and Problem-Solving Skills with a ton of useful parenting techniques. For more infos click on its cover.

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