7 Negative Effects of Spanking Children

Effects of Spanking Children
Effects of Spanking Children

7 Negative Effects of Spanking Children

Disciplining is like a challenge for parents because it’s difficult to find the right useful way to discipline, and most of them can’t control their anger due to the stress they are facing permanently. So, I decided to talk about the Negative Effects of Spanking Children

Unfortunately, abusing has become a short way to discipline since it doesn’t take much time and effort as well, and it helps to get the anger out even if it gives a feeling of guilt after. But, most of the parents don’t know that physical abuse has a serious effect on their children. For this reason, parents are asked to not spank their kids; The American Academy of Pediatrics said in its most emphatic statement the harmful effects of spanking children at home.

The gathering, which consists of around 67,000 specialist doctors, prescribed that pediatricians inform parents about the impact of spanking, which is characterized as “non-injurious, to adjust the behavior of a child”. And prohibit utilizing non-physical discipline methods that are mortifying, alarming, or compromising.

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Following are the 7 Effects of Spanking Children:

1. Loss of mutual respect

By spanking your child, you will lose all mutual respect built between you and your little one. Plus, he will be afraid of you instead of considering you as a friend who can trust. As a consequence, your child will become stubborn, rebellious, and violent.

2. Broken trust

It is very important to build a healthy and reliable relationship with your child by making him feel safe at home. As known, spanking breaks this relationship and may prevent him from opening up with you in many things that he may face in life …

3. Permanent anger 

Parents influence their families because of the anger they feel. They grow the seeds of anger in their children and make them permanently stressed as well. As a result, children may become confused, anxious, and moody over time.

4. Loss of self-confidence

Hitting doesn’t improve the child’s attitude. Physical pain will recover while emotional pain remains with him. The spanked child may feel awful about himself and lose self-confidence. Also, he will get used to spanking and start considering it as something natural; It’s like he will find a ready excuse to make the worst things.

5. Anti-social Behavior

Children who are subjected to corporal punishment when they grow up are more likely to demonstrate anti-social and even selfish behavior in adulthood.

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6. Low self-esteem 

In an overview, it was discovered that children who were spanked as they were growing up must exhibit conservative, even selfish, behavior in adulthood. Therefore, children’s self-esteem will be absent if the parents continue to spank children, And this will affect their entire lives.

7. Bad memories

The memory of a punished child can in no way be a happy sight for growth. One of the parents’ goals is to fill their children’s memory with hundreds, and possibly thousands, of enchanting scenes. It is surprising how unpleasant memories of spanking can impede those positive memories. Right?

This was all about the 7 Negative Effects of Spanking Children.Have you ever spank your child and why? Let us know your story in the comments section. Or you can share this post to spread awareness. Cheers 

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