7 Hardest Single Moms Times

Single Mom Struggles
7 Hardest Single Moms Times

7 Hardest Single Moms Times

Being parents make us extremely responsible for our children. Parenting is a task that must be shared with the husband and wife (two people). However, single mothers may not be fortunate to find someone to stand with and share the burden. Therefore, A single mother must face life’s responsibilities twice of what a partner may face. So today I will talk about the 7 hardest single moms times:

1. Full-time commitment

There is no exit, option and time to waste. A single mom must be ready for any situation. In 99% she will find herself alone and maybe feel rejected by the society 🙁

2. Society judgment

Single moms are not accepted easily from society, this latter is considering them as irresponsible to build a family. Moreover, the community says: Normally, a child should be raised by a married couple, It’s your fault, you have chosen this situation voluntarily, so you have no right to complain later.

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3. Financial problems

Every couple knows that once you get a child, the financial charges get increased. Now, it becomes crucial that both partners work, to get two salaries. Sadly, a single mom doesn’t have that privilege, she has to cover all charges by herself and do everything with double effort.

4. Social isolation

Some single moms confess to me that they feel caught underneath a hundred tasks that never allow them to live normally and feeling like they are wasting the rest of their youth in parenting. One of the Hardest single moms times is when they feel guilty about leaving their children at night for a date. Add to that the cost of getting a babysitter to look for the child during that time.

5. Loneliness moment

When you are a single mom you will find yourself lost without your children. Especially if you leave your kids to their dad for a whole weekend. This will be the hardest moment in your life.

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6. Calm conversation

Many couples keep fighting despite their separation. Remember, your children could be impacted if they watch you arguing. So you have to keep yourself calm while talking to your ex in front of your child, or you can ask a friend or a family member to intervene; pick up your children to your ex-husband’s house or talk to him through text, emails or face-to-face. For the sake of your children, stay modern and calm 🙂

7. Feeling guilty

Sometimes you may feel guilty for putting your children in a situation of divorce. Despite this feeling, you have to stay strong and raise your children with an iron fist. It is normal for children of all ages to test their parent’s boundaries which is normal. So, set your rules and show your determination.

This was all about the 7 hardest single moms times. Do you have any advice for single moms? Let us know what you think in the comments section. Or you can share this post to spread awareness. Cheers :)

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