6 Benefits of Lego Therapy for Autistic Children

Benefits of Lego Therapy
6 benefits of Lego therapy for autistic children

6 Benefits of Lego Therapy for Autistic Children

Lego-based therapy is a methodology that creates social capacities for all children whatever the social status, sickness, or disability they have. Lego is considered as a training to teach kids the true meaning of participation, sharing, observation, reflection, and critical thinking. So today we are here to know 6 Benefits of Lego Therapy for Autistic Children.

Last summer we swap our kids (actually I have two angels), I sent my ‘mini-me’ 😀 to play in a friend’s house, while his child came to share the room with my autistic one. Both of them have different needs, and it was tough to manage them because they were super enthusiasts. So, I bring my secret weapon (Lego) to regain control. and Ops, Within 60 minutes, we had a completed mansion and two happy toddlers in the room like brothers. Yeah, we got a truce.

Lego therapy educates kids to:

  • Communicate verbally 
  • Communicate Non-verbally
  • Fix a Common objective
  • Focus and collaborate
  • Exchange knowledge

Lego has appeared for decades around the world. The truth is said, Lego treatment is now seen as an effective natural therapy. Some useful and curative investigations in the UK and USA have found out that gathering Lego pieces can strengthen social abilities and imagination. Doctors think that Lego for Autistic Children is considered as an important remedy to reduce the tantrum cases.

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Following are the main 6 Benefits of Lego Therapy for Autistic Children:

1. Improving skills

When it comes to crafting, children are experts, they connect Lego pieces of various sizes and shapes. This exercise results a positive stress and turns into a great training for the body, brain and soul while composing.

2. Facilitating parenting

Lego construction process can facilitate parenting. Especially if you lack rest time, you can bring this game and play with your child by connecting pieces and setting rules. Once he understands how it works, he will start playing alone, and give you a rest time to watch TV, Meet friends and take a nap.

3. Creating a challenge

The most important rule is to follow the guide instructions of Lego to complete tasks. Lucky those who have two children since the competition is making the game more exciting.

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4. Maximizing concentration 

Lego therapy reduces the Lack of concentration as children use Lego shapes with different sizes to develop multi plans. Whether it’s a firefighters headquarters or a missile making a trip to the moon. Innovation is acquired when children have no restrictions on what they can make. Children can release their imagination without fear of disappointment.

5. Facing difficulties independently

Lego allows autistic children to face difficulties on their own. As known as, one of the most incredible skills for children and adults with autism is the ability to follow instructions without error. So it may be possible to assign children tasks and reward their effort 🙂

6. Developing characters

Children can join pieces of Lego to create a final shape depending on their imagination (sometimes they may make some adjustments to make the item unique). This result realizes the feeling of fulfillment, pride, happiness and helps to create their character in the future whatever the health or social issues they have.

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This was all about Benefits of Lego Therapy that parents should know. I have a little question for you: Is Lego Montessori 😀 ? Let me know what you think in the comments section, or you can share this post to spread awareness. Cheers.


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