5 Effective Ways to Make Extra Income as ESL Teachers

5 Ways to Make Extra Income as ESL Teachers
5 Ways to Make Extra Income as ESL Teachers

5 Effective Ways to Make Extra Income as ESL Teachers

Being an ESL teacher is not a luxury profession because you do not earn enough money to enjoy what you love doing. Since, you can not afford many privileges like going to 5 stars hotels, traveling to different countries or buying cars that we wish. So, as a teacher and blogger I am going to share some effective ways to Make Extra Income as ESL Teachers. So, If you are thinking to start your career as an ESL Teacher, This article is for you.

If you work as an ESL teacher in Asia (China or South Korea), you may earn money and even make some savings. Because the average ESL Teacher’s salary is higher than in Latin America or Africa.

A lot of ESL teachers don’t adopt this job just for money; I love being with kids and helping them academically. This is what makes me feel alive and useful. 

I have worked a job as an English teacher to live new adventures and visit various countries. Now I have responsibilities, charges to cover, and I have to find out an additional income to live comfortably.

Here are the 5 Effective Ways to Make Extra Income as ESL Teachers:

Online tutor

ESL Teachers have a lot of free time after classes. At this time, You may start teaching some online classes one-to-one or little groups. The pay per hour is usually higher than your real classes. Also, online teaching requires less planning time and has many alternatives in the schedule.

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2. Interview coach 

Many persons fail in their interviews due to their lack of training. This is why they need to prepare themselves to get hired. So, you can start sessions to teach personal development and coach interview simulations.

Expecting earning is around 19$ per hour

3. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who can work locally or online according to the offer. You can organize meetings, making appointments, filling data or sending emails. Your mission could include a lot of tasks. So, if you want to earn an extra income as a teacher, try your chance.


Many platforms are looking for content writers. In other words, if you like blogging, you can translate your current experience into articles and even write tutorials. Most educational websites prefer to hire teachers with writing skills rather than bloggers with general knowledge, which is an opportunity to earn additional money.

5. Designer

If you are looking for an online job, then you can join Fiverr platform and become a “seller”. You can sell design services such as logos, flyers, banners and infographics, etc. 

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What to do if you have no design skills?

You May use canva.com; A design-builder platform for beginners and experts. You Need only to Modify the ready mock-ups depending on your client needs.

Canva has two versions Free and PRO. In this article, you will find a Pro version that cost 119.40$ per year.  So hurry up and to get it.

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This was all about the 5 Effective Ways to Make Extra Income as ESL Teachers. Do you have any other way to add? Let us know what you think in the comments section. Or you can share this post to spread awareness. Cheers 🙂

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