How to Calculate Babysitting Rates In 2021?

5 Factors That Define How Much Babysitting Charge
5 Factors That Define How Much Babysitting Charge

How To Calculate Babysitting Rates: 

Sometimes parents need some free time to feel some privacy; dinner, travel or even a sweet night in a hotel in front of the beach. That is why parents need a trusted babysitter to care for the child while they are away.

Following are the 5 Keys To Calculate Babysitting Rates:

1. Timing: The cost may increase depending on the time of service requested; if it’s a regular day or a moment of holidays.

Expect to pay the double price if you hire a babysitter in Weekend, Valentine’s Day, New Year etc. 

On most childcare websites providers, the cost can go higher if you need a nanny within the next 24 hours. It will be something about 3 to 5% additional value.

2. Age:

Is a factor that defines the cost of a babysitter; if she is around 34, it means she is a responsible person for parents, and the price will therefore increase. Young babysitters aged 16 to 18 may charge you only 5$/hour. So there is always a way to save a few bucks 🙂

I think age does not matter, especially if I need this type of service occasionally. What I recommend is to install a hidden camera at the corner of your house. That is how you will remain relieved during your absence. For example this Amazon product: A Spy Camera Clock 1080 HD that is connected with Wifi so you can watch what is happening what is going on in your home (For more info click on the product image)

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3. Experience:

There is a difference between an expert babysitter with a university degree and a high school student who will only take care of your son(s) while you are away.

For example, if she is a preschool teacher and works in parallel as a babysitter, the price will go up; because parents consider her as someone who has acquired specialized skills.

So if you have a limited budget and you need the babysitting service at night, it will be better to go for a young sitter since she will only watch your child while sleeping. 

4. Bonus / Tip:

The most popular way to tip babysitter is by giving them cash or gift cards. An amount of 20-30$ is recommended as a bonus, particular if the sitter worked on Saturday evening.

According to UrbanSitter; A platform offering childcare services, less than 60% of parents tip their sitters, while 82% prefer giving electronic products, food and gift cards.

I know that parenting is expensive, but it is classy to give a tip to the person who kept our children safe, as she deserves some encouragement and gratitude. Be generous 🙂

5. Region: 

In the USA the average rates of babysitting are between 10$-20$/hour for one child. So be ready to pay more if you live in major metro areas; this is where babysitting is the most expensive. As we know, child care cost has increased dramatically in recent years.

Below is the average cost of babysitting in some major cities: (UrbanSitter Statistics)

  • NYC: 18$/hour for every kid and 20$/hour for two kids.
  • San Francisco: 20$/hour for every kid and 22$/hour for two kids.
  • Las Vegas: 11$/hour for every kid and 15$/hour for two kids.
  • San Antonio: 12$/hour for every kid and 13$/hour for two kids.

Those who live in small cities and villages could pay less money. 

For each additional kid, you will pay an extra of 4$/hour (or less).

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That is everything about how to calculate babysitting rates. Please like, comment and share this post to spread awareness among parents.


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