5 Positive Parenting Solutions For Toddlers

5 Examples of Positive Discipline for Toddlers
5 Examples of Positive Discipline for Toddlers

5 Positive Parenting Solutions For Toddlers

Nowadays, children still face many types of physical and mental abuse. The majority of parents are victims of domestic violence in the past. This is why it is so important to spread awareness among them and provide some positive parenting solutions to maintain the order at home and adjust our children’s behaviour in a modern way.

Do you agree to hit your children?

Trust me, when you abuse your child, not to teach but to relieve your pressure, you will feel guilty after a few minutes. Yes I know, anger is normal and I’m not asking you to become an emotional-free robot. I say you need to control your actions, focus and then punish your child rationally. You may find some modern examples of positive discipline if you read about children’s psychology. before all, you are supposed to prepare yourself from the day you decide to have a baby.

When you feel that you are about to lose your temper due to the bad behaviour of your child, go to your room, calm down, breathe and share what happened with your partner to find a suitable solution after his / her return.

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What do you expect when you slap your child?

Spanking is a bad experience and may make him feel shocked. As a kindergarten teacher, I have noticed that the majority of children who have aggressive behaviour are victims of domestic violence. Because they try to imitate their parents in school while playing.

When you hit the child, you are causing him emotional trauma. Note that negative discipline increases the chances of your child becoming a major liar to prevent punishment.

The most dangerous thing is that the physical/mental abuse will make him hate you. He’ll have a grudge, and this could prompt him to take revenge on you in the future – Trust me, some shocking facts have happened in the past.

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Following are some examples of positive discipline that can help you find the appropriate punishment for disciplining children without hitting.

1. Be rational

The first meditation is to calm down yourself. A young child’s reaction will make your behaviour worse. So instead, control yourself and relax. Go to your room and take a deep breath and then return to your child and talk to him in a strict voice about what you expect him to do as a result of his previous action. (If the problem is major, I recommend you to wait for your partner to discuss and decide)

2. Practice Yoga

If you feel irritated regularly, yoga allows you to control your reflection and anger. Your secret weapon will be to distinguish between your work or your personal problems and what is happening at home with your children.

3. Be gentle but strict

The kind word has more power than a real tattoo. Take a firm stance and get your child to understand his mistake. You can use some modern methods of raising children, such as mono clips: “STOP”, “BAD”, or “NO” to educate them. Be the leader of your kingdom.

4. Find the right punishment

Instead of hitting your child, you might give him homework, no video games, no TV, no favourite food … etc. This kind of punishment is not so easy for children.

5. Timeout process

Always try to give your child some time. You might say: I want you to take 5 minutes to sit quietly and rethink what you just said.

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As an ESL teacher and a member of SOS Teachers, I will not support any viewpoint defending spanking. This is why we need to report abusive parents and defend children whatever it takes.

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This was everything about the 5 positive parenting solutions for toddlers. Please like, comment and share this post to spread awareness among parents and also to encourage me 🙂


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