40 Classic Parenting Fails to Avoid

40 Classic Parenting Fails to Avoid
40 Classic Parenting Fails to Avoid

40 Classic Parenting Fails to Avoid

Most of the time, parenting fails since you need to be mentally and academically qualified to educate your child slowly but surely. This process is done step by step with a permanent evaluation of his skills and competence remotely and directly.

The sociologists are concluded that continual verbal abuse such as mocking, criticizing, and threatening may affect children to develop some mental disorders in the future.

Sadly, most parents are impacting their children without realizing that.

 “I could get angry and raise my voice. But, carefully controlling what I say”. 

Here are the 40 Classic Parenting Fails to Avoid that you may want to know.
Please stop saying this blacklisted words to your child if you really care about his future.


 2. Stop whining

 3. Thirsty again?

 4. Liar

 5. You’re genius

 6. Selfish

 7. Stop being a wimp

 8. This is my home, my rules

 9. You’re making me depressed

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 10. At your age, I was strong

 11. Behave like your sibling

 12. You’re perfect

 13. Let me help

 14. You’re overweight

 15. Be good

 16. I can’t say NO to you

 17. I bought your stuff with my money

 18. My lazy panda

 19. Finish your plate now

 20. You can do better

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 21. It is out of the question

 22. You’re thankless

 23. You’re beautiful 

 24. Grow up

 25. Do not talk to me

 26. I will do everything For You

 27. I’m very disappointed

 28. Everything is wrong

 29. Stop being shy

 30. Shame on you

 31. Because I said so

 32. If you love me…do that

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 33. Calm down

 34. You’re a copy of me

 35. I wish you’d never Been Born

 36. I don’t like you

 37. This is your last chance

 38. I will divulge your secret

 39. Ghosts will come to you

 40. Which one do you like the most, dad or mom?

Choose your words and speak positively to your child, support him and prioritize his feelings. Also, when you employ hurtful words, take your time and apologize. 

Sorry is a powerful word that won’t harm your child”.

This was all about the 40 Classic Parenting Fails to Avoid. Let me know if you have anything else to add and make sure to share this post and spread awareness among new parents.

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