4 Reasons to Teach Orff Music Education

4 Reasons to Teach Orff Music Education
4 Reasons to Teach Orff Music Education

4 Reasons to Teach Orff Music Education

There is a big number of various music around the world. How would you pick which one to use? This choice depends on the individual decision, or in some cases, certain regions. what matters is the strategy followed and its result on children. There is no incorrect method of Orff Music Education. Teachers with melodic gifts have an uncommon chance to realize extraordinary results in classrooms.

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I enjoy using a blend of Orff and Kodaly in my music classroom. I remember, when I began, I had no assets or materials, so I created what worked best for my little angels. You only need to figure out how to Teach Carl Orff Music by creating a simple method as things progress.

Here are the 4 Reasons to Teach Orff Music Education

1. Improvise

The Orff approach merges between talking, singing and playing instruments as well. One of my preferred ways of teaching Orff is instructing through short poems and stories. When I educate my children we say the lyrics first and add inventive development to transform the text into a musical piece. The same thing for short stories, I’m used to reading them and then start making various moves to each important word like “bounce”, “move”, “skip”, “whirl”, and so on.

One of my favourite texts in The Elementary Music school is “Diminish, Peter.” The initial two lines go this way:

Peter, Peter if you’re able…
Get your elbows off the table…

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2. Sing

Now, the tunes are presented systematically. When I took the first level, I was at the point to Teach Carl Orff method and I did a great job of what was directed without acknowledging that I was using Orff. Things were easy from the first day maybe because I have a musical ear and I play the guitar. Some trainers practice tunes and use courses to train themselves, which is wonderfully good. As I mentioned, it is an individual decision, and the important thing is to love what you do.

To get rid of shyness, I encourage my children to sing. So, instead of using Solfege, we follow the melodic title with our hands. And then, after we get along well with the melody, we continue to include the development of tools. Easy peasy

3. Dance

If you are close to children most of the time, you will realize that they love movement and are very active. This should be an enormous part of studying. One of the best ways of teaching Orff is to train movement and mobility through ringtones and creative movements. We usually use scarves while dancing, encourage moves along with groups and learn how to collaborate with a partner in the classroom. This is how we get children to grow in their own “bubble”. The imaginable results to join development are endless and totally count on you. Ok?

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4. Play

While teachers are thinking to Teach Carl Orff method, most of us think of drums and Xylophones. Tools are important but they are not the main part. When starting, you may not have a lot of tools to use and that’s fine! For me, I highly recommend using our bodies as a musical tool. This is how we can feel the essence of this method.

If you don’t have many instruments, children can use their bodies for percussion. Children look happier when they make music and sounds without tools. The fundamental sorts of body percussion are snap, clap, stomp etc… A ton of time in the music classes utilize these elements. I personally use body percussion more than the instruments.

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Do you apply Orff music education in your classroom? I will appreciate to know your work method in the comment section or let me hear your opinion on social media as you share this post.


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