36 Cheap Summertime Activities Near Me

36 Cheap Summertime Activities Near Me
36 Cheap Summertime Activities Near Me

36 Cheap Summertime Activities Near Me

Finally, we can have an ordinary life after this coronavirus nightmare! We’ve been sitting home for many months, and here we are, it arrived. We are talking about summer of course. I know how difficult to care for children when you have a financial hardship. Don’t worry! I made a list of 36 cheap summertime activities near me that will help you defeat holiday boredom and enjoy every single moment with your little family. Sometimes you might pay some bucks and sometimes it’s completely FREE. 

“The good news is that for some of them, you can easily set and enjoy your bottle of rosé on the terrace and prolong the outdoor festivities, every night”. 

Make sure to add your touch to all these activities and create new ones as well. It’s up to you CAPTAIN!

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  1. Organize some domestic dough activities.
  2. Get some new comic books to read or new movies.
  3. Bake colourful cupcakes and make a tea party.
  4. Find and catch fireflies at night.
  5. Draw shapes with fire under your watch.
  6. Build a tower made of sponge.
  7. Sing some family songs.
  8. Paint on rocks or walls.
  9. Create a weekly dress-up day.
  10. Prepare ice cream desserts for dinner.
  11. Build a small tent inside your child’s room.
  12. Go for a hike or a camp.
  13. Plant some flowers and vegetables.
  14. Feed birds (Like ducks in lakes)
  15. Press flowers with books. 
  16. Look for free or discounted tickets for zoos, lakes, museums.
  17. Practice sport outdoor like Biking.
  18. Make funny family footage to create a movie.
  19. Prepare lemonade juice.
  20. Create Pom-Pom monsters.
  21. Write letters to relatives out of the country.

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  1. Frisbee.
  2. Cards.
  3. Hide and seek.
  4. Hula hoop.
  5. Theater at home.
  6. Water guns.
  7. Hopscotch.
  8. Would You Rather.
  9. Blow bubbles.
  10. Charades.
  11. Simon says
  12. Lego game.
  13. Q/A competition with a final prize.
  14. Chess.
  15. Sport (Soccer, Basketball, and Tennis).

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How did you find our article of 36 cheap summertime activities Near Me? Keep in mind that your child will LOVE you for this. Please, share this post to spread awareness among new parents.

Happy family time! 


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