2 T-shirts Expelled Journei From School

2 T-shirts Made Journei Expelled From School
2 T-shirts Made Journei Expelled From School

2 T-shirts Expelled Journei From School


According to a Russelvillian family, their beloved daughter Journei, six, was expelled from her nursery school ‘His Kids Preschool’ for a shocking reason; Wearing an anti-racist T-shirt ‘Black Lives Matter’.

The director Patricia Brown, affirmed to a journalist affiliated with Fox News that: “Our daily care is not a space for the political opinions of parents, and we will never allow such things.”

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Deval Brockman confirmed to a local Fox News in Arkansas that her daughter was expelled from daycare for wearing an Anti-racist T-shirt saying ‘Black Lives Matter’. 

Brookman received a phone call from one of the daycare administrators, denouncing what happened and confirming that her daughter is no longer welcome. They said that it will be better if she does not come back.

Next day, Brookman sent her daughter wearing another T-shirt with a raised fist symbol. When she picked her child up, she said: “they accused me of encouraging racism through these t-shirts, despised my parenting way, and asked me to find a new kindergarten for Journei”. 

According to KARK-TV. Mrs Brockman said that ‘The Black Lives Matter’ movement is about solidarity and not politics and stressed on the importance of teaching Journei equality, love and peace. 

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On the other hand, Patricia Brown, the director of ‘His Kids Preschool’, has suddenly denied any statement attributed to her regarding this incident with Fox News reporters. She said the administration will release a written statement regarding this case.

Switching from its current daycare to another may have negative effects; Child psychologists conducted a study and found that children who changed kindergartens were more vulnerable to emotional control issues. Let’s hope Journei won’t feel bad after leaving her classmates and teachers.


Deval Brockman added:
‘Well, there is colour. If they can’t see that, they’ll never understand. But it’s something they need to know,’

Also, she recalled:
“If I’m supporting something, I’m going to wear it, my child is going to wear it too, to help say that our voice needs to be heard”


What is the Black Lives Matter movement?

It is an alliance of associations across the United States to defend the interests of black communities. Black Lives Matter was formed in 2014 to stand up against violence and discrimination.

What is the Raised Fist symbol?

It is a hand symbol to protest racism and injustice towards black society and to express solidarity, strength, and resistance. Plus, It has a second name which is the Black Power Salute.

Does free speech have limitations?

Freedom of expression is the foundation of democracy. However, there are some restrictions such as threats, child pornography, obscenity and hate speech.

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Going back to our topic, Journei’s mom may need to hire a babysitter until she finds a new nursery school. Personally, I think parents needs to support their opinion without using their children 🙂
Since I do care about your opinion, I’m curious to know: Do you think what Mrs Brockman did is wise and does not violate the
American constitutional right to express opinion and solidarity? Or was it wrong to use her daughter for political purposes?



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